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Ep189 - Meel Vignetting

July 12, 2022 Channa Channa Channa Season 10 Episode 189
Channa Channa Channa Podcast
Ep189 - Meel Vignetting
Show Notes

In this episode, Channa Channa Channa talks to South African singer and songwriter Meel Vignetting. She is a self-taught guitarist who, at the age of six knew creating music was all she ever wanted to do. 

Meel started writing her own songs from the age of twelve and soon formed her 1st band with a few school friends. She has since been in and out of the band scene for many years then, in 2016, ended up a solo acoustic act. In 2019, Meel started incorporating other musicians in her act again and can now be booked as a solo, duo, or full band performance.

Her influences stem mostly from the 90's alternative, rock, and grunge and you can certainly hear a slight yodel as

stamped by her most influential artist, Dolores O'Riordan from The Cranberries. Meel also has many male vocalists that influence her singing style, which makes for quite a unique tone. Her lyrics relate to real-life scenarios and personal life experiences.

A demo EP was recorded in her living room during the hard lockdown and can be found on all streaming platforms. More recordings may be expected in 2022, with her newly found set band members, Rohan Mostert on Guitar, Wesley Ward on Guitar, Zadelhoff on Bass, and Reino Stols on Drums.

Check out her late EP “The Journey” on Spotify:

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